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Why Should an Attorney Handle Your Closing?

Why Should an Attorney Handle Your Closing?

on Feb 7, 2018 | 0 comments

At Cornerstone Title, your closing will be conducted by a licensed attorney. Our attorneys are admitted to the Bars of New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts to cover a wide geographical area for your closing needs.

The cost for closing with Cornerstone Title is on par with the cost of closing with other non-attorney title companies, but with Cornerstone’s attorneys working for you, you gain many other benefits.

One of the most common and frustrating issues for parties in a real estate transaction is a defect in title. Here at Cornerstone, our attorneys have the legal knowledge, background, and training to spot issues early, as our attorneys also complete the title searches on your property. As many experienced individuals know, a title issue can completely derail a closing, causing delay or even cancellation of the transaction, and can furthermore incur heavy expenses for individual buyers or sellers. In these situations, our attorneys are happy to provide you with guidance regarding the issue, and we can work with lenders, title insurance underwriters, prior title companies, discharge tracking companies, and other institutions in order to assist you in obtaining clear title for your transaction.

Our experienced team of attorneys can also draft other legal documents related to your closing, such as powers of attorney, purchase and sales agreements,  notes and mortgages, escrow closing agreements, and other non-standard documents which other non-attorney title companies may not be able to draft since doing so would constitute the unauthorized practice of law. In addition, our team of attorneys can assist you with a plethora of other legal needs, such as estate planning, probate, and small business creation.

Our attorneys are available to speak with you should you have any questions related to the purchase or sale of either your residential or commercial real estate. We also offer mobile and after-hours closings if required. At Cornerstone Title, we close for you!