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What is Title Insurance?

Title insurance is a form of indemnity insurance that protects owners and lenders from financial loss sustained as a result of flaws in the chain of title to the insured property.

Two types of policies may be part of your transaction – do you know how they are different?

The Lender’s Policy

If you’ve ever financed the purchase of home or other real property, you most likely were required to purchase a title insurance policy insuring the lender’s financial interest in the property. It insures that the bank or other insured lender has a valid, enforceable lien on the property until the time your mortgage is paid off.

A loan policy will need to be issued each time you refinance as it only provides coverage for the life of a loan, and refinancing a home ends the life of one loan and begins another.  

PLEASE NOTE:  A Lender’s Policy provides NO PROTECTION FOR AN OWNER, even if a claim that would otherwise be covered under an Owner Policy were to arise.

The Owner's Policy

As a homeowner, it is important to protect what is in most cases your single largest investment. An owner’s policy protects your rights as a homeowner and upon payment of the one-time premium at the time of your closing, it will provide coverage for as long as you or your heirs have a continued interest in the property. There is no need to purchase a new owner’s policy when refinancing.

In the event of a covered claim, your title insurance policy will pay for losses and legal fees sustained in order to defend or otherwise resolve the underlying issue.

Our knowledgeable Attorneys are always available to discuss any questions you may have regarding the types of policies available for your specific transaction, associated premiums or any other questions you may have.

Why do I need it?

Common issues

  • Undischarged Mortgages, Liens, etc.
  • Outstanding Taxes, unpaid services, etc.
  • Missing or incorrectly signed documents
  • Improperly documented succession


  • They happen – we have carefully chosen the underwriters we work with in order offer products that we are confident will be properly and appropriately backed, in the event claims do occur.

Less Common, but important issues

  • Fraud and Forgery
  • Improper indexing at Registry
  • Ineffective Deeds
  • Incorrect signing capacity/acts by Trustees, POAs, etc.

One-Time Premium

  • Continuation of coverage

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